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What Is Gin?​

Gin is only gin because of juniper. Without juniper as a main ingredient, gin would quite simply be infused vodka. While juniper forms the essence of gin, our master distillers blend a range of botanicals to create E18hteen Gin’s distinct and original flavour.

History Of Gin

Gin as we know it stems from “Jenever”, a Dutch gin created with juniper berries and traditionally aged in casks. Gin was initially created for medicinal purposes, though became popular as a recreational drink during 17th century Britain. In this era, the government permitted unlicensed gin distilling, and as a result, surpassed beer in popularity, becoming prevalently served and consumed in London bars.

For British colonies overseas, gin would conceal the taste of quinine, the medication used to treat malaria. We can thank the colonies for G&T as we know it – quinine forming the primary flavour of tonic water.

How Is Gin Made?​

E18hteen Gin is made from sugar beet vodka which we believe This allows for a better yield and makes E18hteen Gin sweeter and smoother to taste. This juniper led gin is redistilled in copper pot alembic stills through a process of timed maceration using only the highest quality botanicals. This leads to a superb ensemble of flavours swirling around in a superb London Dry Gin. This classic comes off the stills at a feisty 88-94% vol.

Our handcrafted 42% Somerset gin is produced for its quality and smoothness. E18hteen Gin’s distinctive flavour derives from uniquely fused with fine vibrant juniper, citrus zests and apple blossom on the nose, moving to scented apple skin, through to a picante anise and a creamed macadamia finish all of which give you the fresh taste of the Somerset Countryside.

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