Our E18hteen Gin is expertly crafted from sugar beat vodka produced by master distillers. This enables us to give you the very best yield and makes our artisan gin flavoursome, fragrant and smooth. We are among a minority of distilleries that opt to create their gin this way, meaning our gin delivers unrivalled freshness, taste and the perfect finish to the palate. We are proud to source local produce for the making of our premium vodka, including sugar beet, for an outstandingly bold, smooth and aromatic blend. After creating our distinct vodka, we re-distil it to create our reputable, first-class gin. Visit our online shop.

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Our Speciality Flavoured Gins And Vodkas

About Us

Co-founder Leigh is a trained and certified qualified engineer who has manufactured and designed equipment within the liquid food industry working in areas such as aerospace, breweries, distilleries, juice and chemical industries. He has a passion of design innovative technology, with this in mind the family went into the pub industry 2014 and came to the idea on producing a gin for the bar.

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E18hteen Gin is made from the vodka produced by our Master Distiller .

This allows for a better yield and makes E18hteen Gin sweeter and smoother to taste. This apple led gin is redistilled in copper pot alembic stills through a process of timed maceration using only the highest quality botanicals. This leads to a superb ensemble of flavours swirling around in a superb London Dry Gin. This classic comes off the stills at a feisty 78% vol.

Our handcrafted 42% Somerset gin is produced for its quality and smoothness. E18hteen Gin’s distinctive flavour derives from hand picked apples found in the orchards during the fresh Autumn months.

Uniquely fused with fine vibrant juniper, citrus zests and apple blossom on the nose, moving to scented apple skin, through to a Picante anise and a creamed macadamia finish all of which give you the fresh taste of the Somerset Countryside. A fresh slice of apple, pear, a slice of pink grapefruit or a wedge of the nectarine is a great complement to this smooth tasting and refreshing gin.

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What our customers are saying

  • Had my fathers day box and the brownies were the best brownies i have ever eaten and rum didnt last long loved it good work xx

    Jason Carter Coomesy

    LOVE this box! Perfect range of bits inside too! (Already smashed the bar of chocolate, delicious!)

    Katie Court

    A superb Father’s Day gift. Excellent selection, lovely presentation. A perfect gift, thank you

    Donna Evans Griffin
  • Great product
    Speedy delivery
    Highly recommended


    Can’t say I’ve tasted better. Amazing 🥃

    E18hteen Vodka Caramel 50cl Image
    E18hteen Vodka Caramel 50cl

    I love all the gins and rums these guys produce. Such interesting flavours, great quality and always at a great price. Looking forward to future flavours!

    Mary Blatchford
  • Absolutely love the Coconut gin – refreshingly different and very moreish

    E18hteen Gin Liqueur Coconut 50cl Image
    E18hteen Gin Liqueur Coconut 50cl
    Mrs Sandra Jordan

    One word…..delicious!!!

    Catlady Fayebelina

    The morello cherry gin is amazing and the coffee vodka is smooth 😁

    Vivienne Costello
  • Just tried the coconut gin – it is delicious 😋 need to get a bottle of this a.s.a.p. !!

    Sandra Jordan

    Their products are absolutely delicious, and are reasonably priced. Every time I have met them they have been extremely helpful and very friendly. I always look forward to any new flavours they bring out.

    Amanda Hackwood

    First class product, lots of variety and flavours. Best Gin I have ever tried.👍

    Stuart Avison
  • Their Dark Rum is glorious. All the flavours that it says on the bottle. Will definitely be getting some more.

    Garry Goodway

    Tried the passion fruit for the first time absolute delight perfect anytime but especially on a beautiful summers day.

    Margaret Fisher

    Lovely smooth gin and fabulous flavours, the passion fruit and coconut were my favourites, even better mixed together.

    Fiona Powell
  • Yummy gin and the coconut one is just my favourite!!

    Em Stone

    Great selection and a good local Gin 👍

    James Russell

    Lovely smooth gin and different flavours… Love it… Especially the coconut 🥰

    Susan Lukins
  • Tried caramel and it is divine!

    Kate Hooper

    I know where I can go and have a lovely gin and there is a lovely “Gin” palace in my home town and the name of the place is called Vinos where they have plenty of different gins for their customers to try. And I certainly recommend them.

    Mike Butterworth

    No exaggeration but the strawberry gin was to die for! By far the best I’ve tasted and I’ve tried a lot of flavoured gins 😍🍸🍸

    Lindsey Johnson
  • its different lovely taste highly recommended

    Neil Bell

    Brilliant nite gin tasting x Highly recommended. Didn’t think I’d like the coconut but give it a try x
    Well done keeping it local x

    Karen Smith

    This local gin is absolutely delicious. Serve with a slice of apple. First class service too, even delivered in the snow! Highly recommend.

    Alyson Lamb
  • Wanted to try this Gin as it was a local brewery. Well the bottle didn’t last long as it has such a unique taste and went down very well. I liked mine with pear in best ���

    Lucy Meek

    Would like to say thank you for great service and the newlyweds loved the gin many thank

    Rich Hodge

    Mmmm delicious and smooth. Lovely with a slice of apple, ice and drop of tonic!

    Rose Stacey
  • Lovely fresh, clean taste, tried it with some ever tree, crushed ice and a grapefruit slice. �

    Sarah Gates

    I am now a gin drinker. A very smooth and subtle flavoured gin that has put all other gins into a lower league. Very impressed.

    Paul Thompson

    A taste of Somerset , love this Gin served with tonic, ice and crisp apple slices, my new favourite tipple �

    Tina Louise – Bee
  • Many failed attempts from my wife to get me to try gin and this was the gin that converted me!

    Although I’m probably totally spoilt now, as it’s set a very high bar! I was keen to try as it’s locally made, was not disappointed!

    Brett Gatward

    Excellent gin. Smooth with a fantastic taste. Great combination of apple and botanical’s. A true taste of Somerset. Will not take long to enjoy this bottle.

    Paul Westwood

    Don’t spoil it.!! Poured straight over ice! So smooth & flavoursome

    Neil Owens